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GMCS GROUP is a privately owned strategic investment group with a network spread around the globe.

GMCS was founded in 1988 when it made its first direct equity investment in a US trading company. Our group has continuously grown and diversified its activities staying true to professional excellence.

Complementing our investment activities, five years later in New York we added a consulting practice dedicated to sustainable development. Today, our companies are united under the same dedication to quality and social responsibility.

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Water Supply and Wastewater Rehabilitation Project
Despite the ban on international travel caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, our team of experts continued support to the Osh Water company in Project implementation. Installation of about 10.000 domestic water meters procured thanks to the grant of the European Union and the loan of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has started in Osh. Due to confinement restrictions it it was impossible to support installation works through meetings with residents of the pilot municipal territorial administrations of Amir-Temur and Dostuk and Ak-Tilek neighbourhoods in Osh. Instead, GMCS have developed and published a range of public awareness materials, including banners, posters and detailed booklets in three languages - Uzbek, Kyrgyz and Russian, that inform homeowners of the forthcoming water meters installation and explain requirements to the installation site, procedures, documentation that needs to be signed and shall remain at the households, and what installation works the Project finances in addition to supplying domestic water meters.

The installation if domestic meters will improve quality of water supply and will help to reduce potable water losses and promote water savings in the households and consequently will improve efficiency in potable water distribution in the City as envisaged in the Corporate Development Plan recommended by the Consultant for the Osh Water Company.


Batumi Autotransport, Corporate Development Project
Autumn and beginning of winter 2019 were devoted to finalisation of the strategic medium-term Corporate Development Programme of Batumi Autotransport. The CDP touches all strategic areas of Batauto operations, it’s pivot being turn-around from urgent repair of the bus fleet to planned maintenance for effective fleet and depot management, efficient use of resources. For Batauto to be able to carry out the necessary and long-pending transformation, the CDP envisages change management in terms of assessment and evaluation of managerial talent, by introduction of management by objective and setting a roster of performance indicators with a focus on outcome of managerial decisions and activities. The CDP has been adopted by the Client. Public Service Contract (PSC) was finalised and submitted to Batumi Autotransport and Batumi City Hall for for review and appraisal. Several sessions to discuss the PSC were so far held, moderated by the Consultant, between Batumi Autotransport and the City Hall, to clarify the expected impact of the PSC implementation on the public transport in Batumi, on Batauto budgeting and reporting to its owner, and on daily interaction between the City Hall departments and Batumi Autotransport. The proposed PSC aligns the incentives of both parties to the benefit of bus riders in Batumi. The approach of the contract is to establish the best operating regime, taken that Batauto as an operator satisfies the contracted quantified bus services and formulated and easily verified quality indicators, and to ensure that Batumi City Hall’s expenditure on urban public transport service provision is optimum in terms of cost, quality and sustainability of municipal public transportation.
Public image of Batauto fleet and street infrastructure were in strong focus by the Consultant and the Client in the second half of 2019. Visual image of the electrobuses to be delivered to Batumi in summer 2020 as well as provision and design of pre-trip and in-trip information to passengers were discussed and reviewed in-depth.


On 31 January 2020 witnessed a significant development in Project realization
On this day three contracts: (I) reconstruction of water main, (II) rehabilitation of wastewater network, (III) reconstruction of five bio ponds, were signed between the Client (Khorog Water Company) and Contractors. This was the result of an elaborate preparatory process and the institution-wide effort by our team. The signing of contracts, which was covered by the local media, was undertaken in a solemn setting in the governor office.
All Contractors are local companies with adequate capacity to perform the contract works. The start of works is planned in March. (see on Facebook: Link )




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