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GMCS GROUP is a privately owned strategic investment group with a network spread around the globe.

GMCS was founded in 1988 when it made its first direct equity investment in a US trading company. Our group has continuously grown and diversified its activities staying true to professional excellence.

Complementing our investment activities, five years later in New York we added a consulting practice dedicated to sustainable development. Today, our companies are united under the same dedication to quality and social responsibility.

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GMCS and the Ukraine Crisis

The war in Ukraine has destroyed lives. It has also destroyed trust, relationships and decades of progress.

GMCS GROUP has been active in the post-Soviet region since the beginning, working alongside multinational banks, investment and aid agencies to develop infrastructure, connectivity, and better quality of life for all.

At this time of loss and deepest grief we lean on our core values and stand together as one multinational team. We will continue to work together building and re-building our vision of an ethical and sustainable world of sovereign nations.

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Regional Municipal Transport Projects Support
Throughout 2021 GMCS were engaged to provide support for the EBRD and a number of municipal transport enterprises in Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Turkey. The expertise of GMCS experts was used to perform financial assessments of future projects viability as part of Due Diligence studies for investment decisions including cost estimates, financial and economic internal rates of return and justification of the proposed investments. As the result, the client cities are expecting considerable investment through EBRD loan and (potentially) special grants towards bus fleet renewal with low (or zero) emission to bring additional environmental benefits to the population. Additional tasks of GMCS experts included review of procurement documentation for the future tenders to ensure compatibility with relevant standards, operational requirements and procurement rules and policies of the Bank.


Bus Project - Corporate Development and Stakeholder Participation Programme
In autumn and winter 2021 the GMCS team were working on amendment and discussion of the Public Service Contract. The needed changes due to post-covid economic situation in the city, procurement and commissioning of new buses for Batumi, the City Hall and Batumi Autotransport senior staff changes, - were discussed and introduced into the document. A meeting with the new Vice Mayor responsible for the urban municipal infrastructure was held to explain the essence and the benefits of the contract for the signatory parties. Such important issues as the expected impact of the PSC implementation on the public transport in Batumi, on Batauto budgeting and reporting to its owner, and on daily interaction between the City Hall departments and Batumi Autotransport.

Several sessions to discuss the PSC were organised with the middle management staff of Batauto, to clarify the approach of the contract to establish the best operating regime, to clarify the proposed key performance indicators as clear, impactful and easily verifiable quality indicators, and to refine some negotiable points of the contract to adjust the proposed procedures to the existing procedures of interaction between the City Hall and the Company.


Water Rehabilitation Project II
The construction woks on site were resumed after long winter period.
In consideration of the difficult winter weather conditions including the significant lowering of the air temperature at the project site, and in order to comply with construction building standards currently in force in the Republic of Tajikistan, all construction works under the Project were suspended from December 2020 to March 2021. To date, all works are re-launched and construction is nearing the successful completion.




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