Water Supply and Wastewater Rehabilitation Project

GMCS-PRAHA s.r.o continues to implement Osh Water Supply and Wastewater Rehabilitation Project Phase II.

At the end of February and the first days of March the project team discussed with Osh Water Company management approaches to financial and operational performance improvement, in particular in water and sanitation tariff methodology and budgeting, as well as in online communication with clients and stakeholders, including via website and social networks.

The team delivered several short training seminars, namely on the cost of improved urban water and sanitation services and on health impacts of water and sanitation quality to employees of the customers' department, and on communication to the Water Company senior and middle management. With support of the team the Water Company held two important meetings with stakeholders, one with Water Users' Associations of the districts where household water meters have been and will be installed, and a Kick-off meeting of the Advisory Board of the Company.