Bishkek Municipal SW Project

In early 2016, GMCS was awarded a consultancy contract by the City of Bishkek, funded by the EBRD (European Bank of Reconstruction and Development) to improve their MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) management system. This project is highly welcomed by both local and international community. The Mayor of the city of Bishkek has introduced “Recycling and better handling of waste in Bishkek” (accessible here) and 94 local schools will teach students and their parents about benefits of recycling and better waste handling.

This will not only educate the new generation, but also dramatically improve the current situation in Bishkek. This project, since it has a high involvement from community and local media, will dramatically improve the situation of waste handling and Kyrgyzstan’s environment in general.

GMCS team will be implementing financial and operational improvement program and handle communications to ensure that everything meets the standards needed. We are more than confident that our team of international, and more importantly local, experts will meet all the requirements necessary for this project and help to achieve the goals of the community and local government.