Water Supply and Wastewater Rehabilitation Project

In 2019 GMCS continues supporting corporate development of the Osh Water Company within Osh Water Supply and Wastewater Rehabilitation Project Phase II.

In the first half of the year Company operations were in strong focus: regulations for the maintenance of water and sewerage networks developed, an update of registration procedures of emergency situations drafted and a respective on-the-job training delivered.

GMCS continue the capacity building programme for the Company controllers within which a short gender equality training was delivered.

A highly informative and very productive meeting of the Company Advisory Committee convened representatives of Osh NGOs who defend consumers’ rights and support development of municipal services. Plans for the forthcoming information campaigns and approaches to support the city residents’ ability to pay water bills when water tariff increase raised a lively discussion.

The final version of the Public Service Agreement thoroughly discussed with the Client and upon non-objection of the EBRD was submitted for signature to Osh Mayor, signature of the Agreement pending.