Bus Project - Corporate Development and Stakeholder Participation Programme

In autumn and winter 2021 the GMCS team were working on amendment and discussion of the Public Service Contract. The needed changes due to post-covid economic situation in the city, procurement and commissioning of new buses for Batumi, the City Hall and Batumi Autotransport senior staff changes, - were discussed and introduced into the document. A meeting with the new Vice Mayor responsible for the urban municipal infrastructure was held to explain the essence and the benefits of the contract for the signatory parties. Such important issues as the expected impact of the PSC implementation on the public transport in Batumi, on Batauto budgeting and reporting to its owner, and on daily interaction between the City Hall departments and Batumi Autotransport.

Several sessions to discuss the PSC were organised with the middle management staff of Batauto, to clarify the approach of the contract to establish the best operating regime, to clarify the proposed key performance indicators as clear, impactful and easily verifiable quality indicators, and to refine some negotiable points of the contract to adjust the proposed procedures to the existing procedures of interaction between the City Hall and the Company.