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GMCS GROUP is a privately owned strategic investment group with a network spread around the globe.

GMCS was founded in 1988 when it made its first direct equity investment in a US trading company. Our group has continuously grown and diversified its activities staying true to professional excellence.

Complementing our investment activities, five years later in New York we added a consulting practice dedicated to sustainable development. Today, our companies are united under the same dedication to quality and social responsibility.

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Project realization to modernize the water supply in the City is well under way.
There have been a number of significant political developments in the region. Yodgor Fayzov as the new GBAO governor and Kishvar Shamirov as a new Mayor of the City of Khorog were appointed. During the site visit which took place from 2 to 7 December the Consultant team held a joint meeting with the new Mayor of City of Khorog to discuss the Project implementation. The Mayor pledged his full support.
Tender for Reconstruction of two pumping station was published on 5 December 2018. The Reconstruction of pumping station will considerably improve the quality and reliability of water supplies. The tender opening is scheduled for 28 January, 2019.


Collaboration with the City to introduce new regulatory framework was one of the main tasks performed in the last quarter of 2018.
Major mechanisms to ensure this collaboration are Public Service Agreement and Social Support Programme. Our team had thoroughly revised the original text of the PSA developed within the Phase 1, significantly changed and updated to reflect current trends and positions. The updated PSA clearly defines the basic principles on which the Osh water Company activity will be based. Moreover, the PSA determines the principles of the financial viability and independence from political considerations.
The development of the Social Support Programme and in particular the development of new approaches in the field of subsidies of the low income households is the result of collaboration among experts in different fields (social, institutional, legal). The Programme makes it possible to increase the tariffs for water and wastewater in line with current economic realities without reducing affordability of water and wastewater services for the most vulnerable and poorest populations.


In December the Contract for procurement of GPS monitoring system was signed.
The new system will allow to monitor of the trams traffic and to react flexibly to the problems of the regularity/punctuality of traffic. The supply and installation of new system is expected in February 2019.




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