We offer financial advisory services to raise project financing for infrastructure and industrial projects. Our experience allows us to raise equity and debt financing on limited recourse basis.

Our project finance experts have worked on projects in the US, Latin America, Europe, Russia, Central Asia and Caucasus, the Middle East, and South-East Asia. Our experience covers Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Industry, Transport and Commercial Real Estate.

We are qualified to advise within a Public Private Partnership (PPP) framework as well as pure commercial projects.

As a project finance advisor, we prioritize the following objectives:

■ Devising a viable project structure that provides efficient risk allocation in line with senior lenders’ expectations;

■ Maximizing the debt portion in the overall financing package;

■ Minimizing lenders’ covenants and restrictions on the project;

■ Negotiating the best financing terms available in the market, and

■ Increasing project returns for the sponsors

Our Project Finance Advisory practice is lead from Zurich with full access to GMCS network and resources.

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